Bidada International is a charitable non-profit organization.The organization is committed to render medical and surgical treatment to patients of all ages, caste & race. The trust is well known for the medical camp it organizes every January in village Bidada, Kutch, India. At the January camp patients from over 1200 villages are seen. Around 120 doctors and volunteers from the US as well as 200 from Mumbai treat more than 20,000 patients during this camp. Over 20 different medical and surgical specialty are covered during the camp. For more information about the camp please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


The trust is also involved in many other activities such as:

  • Every month there is a camp in 2-4 medical specialties organized in Bidada by the trust. These camps provide opportunities for the villagers to receive medical help and follow-up care throughout the year.
  • The trust runs a permanent 80 bed hospital in the village Bidada which provides eye, dental, gynecology, rehabilitation, naturopathy and medical services year round. Daily 250-300 patients receive treatment and 5-10 patients are admitted for surgery.
  • After the devastating earthquake in Bhuj, the trust treated 30,000 patients, and has since provided food and shelter to 200,000 earthquake victims. The trust recently opened a new Rehabilitation Center which continues providing start of the art treatment to earthquake victims as well as other patients.
  • The trust also runs Maru Hospital, a charitable hospital in Mumbai. Maru Hospital provides affordable health services in 20 medical specialties to those in need. 300 patients are seen here every day. Maru Hospital is the only charitable center in Mumbai that provides retina surgeries.
  • On any given day of the year, there are at least 10-15 patients in major hospitals throughout Mumbai who are being taken care of by the trustees and volunteers of Bidada Sarvodaya Trust.

Please support the humanitarian work carried out by the trust. In the past 35 years more than 4.2 million patients have been treated thanks to people like you.


For further information please contact any of the individuals in the contact page.

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Visit each facility's respective site to find out more about the services they provide.

www.bidada.org www.jayarehab.org www.ratanveer.com

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