Bundle of Joy Rings In 2012 For Paraplegic

Bundle of Joy Rings In 2012 For Paraplegic

Radha Sharma | TNN

AHMEDABAD: The year 2011 could not have ended on a better note for Jyoti Solanki, 25.

The Republic Day earthquake of 2001 had broken the spine of this Sukhpar resident, a village in Bhuj, leaving her bitter and bedridden as a paraplegic for the past decade. But she gave birth to a baby boy this week, considered a miracle given that she is paralyzed from the waist down.

“I feel truly complete with the birth of my child. The baby, like his father, has only brought happiness to me,” Jyoti said.

Jyoti had hit headlines some years ago with her love story which gave her the courage to fight the destiny prescribed by doctors. Her childhood sweetheart Jayesh started visiting her in hospital after was declared a paraplegic and even wrote inspiring letters to her. The years dragged on and Jyoti, who had barely learnt to sit, completed her schooling till class X. All this while, Jayesh, who got trained as a computer operator and tailor, had kept the stream of letters flowing.

In 2007, Jayesh finally proposed to her and Jyoti’s joy knew no bounds. She even started believing she could be well again and underwent more surgeries and rehabilitation to stand on her feet. Many tried to dissuade Jayesh from marrying a paraplegic, but he managed to convince them that he was doing the right thing. They got married in 2010.

“When we got engaged, she had difficulty standing. Today, she needs support to walk. She is able to do all the work independently. I am sure the baby will give her more strength to reverse the damaging impact of the injury,” says Jayesh

Mukesh Doshi of Bidada Sarvodaya Trust and Jaya Rehabilitation Center where Jyoti undertaken treatment, says Jyoti delivering a child is the best news of 2011. “Few paraplegics are able to live a normal, married life and become mothers as losing sensation below the waist causes a lot of birth-related complications. Jyoti will give hope to other paraplegics not to give up, ever,” says Dr Doshi.

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